Read about the latest developments at Omega3Beef, including our ongoing work in product development, as well as scientific findings concerning omega 3’s and related topics.

March 25: The Washington Times

“Colorado scientists, entrepreneur, seek crowd funds.” (Shawn Archebique, CSU Scientist) The Washington Times published an article yesterday highlighting the Omega3Beef project and the efforts of our founder, Don Smith, and Colorado State University cattle nutrition expert Shawn Archebique, to bring this heart-healthy beef to the public. Archebique notes that other attempts have been met with… Read more »

March 25: Press Release

Innovative Colorado Company Using Crowdfunding to Make Beef Healthier Colorado-based Omega3Beef has developed a new cattle feed supplement that results in beef with the same heart-healthy omega 3’s in ocean fish. Now it’s using crowdfunding to gain federal regulators’ approval to sell the product to commercial customers in the beef industry. Our crowdfunding approach will… Read more »

March 12th: Omega3Beef Tasting in D.C.

On a recent trip to Washington, D.C. we had the chance to taste Omega3Beef with a few lucky guests. The verdict? Omega3Beef has the great, traditional taste of all-natural beef, with the added health benefits of increased omega 3’s! Founder, Don Smith, compares all-natural Omega3Beef (right) with all-natural store bought beef. Our chef for the… Read more »