At Omega3Beef, a large part of our success rests on the close, strategic relationships we have with our partners, each of whom has contributed unique insights and perspective.

Philip Adamson, M.D., FACC

Noted cardiologist Dr. Philip Adamson is a Science Adviser to the Omega3Beef Company, Director of the Heart Failure Institute at the Oklahoma Heart Hospital, and also an Associate Professor of Physiology at the Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center. Dr. Adamson, also a former professor of cardiology at the Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center, advises the company on the health benefits of omega 3 DHA and EPA, and will conduct further studies of heart-healthy blood chemistry relating to the consumption of Omega3Beef.

Colorado State University

ColoradoStateLogoOmega3Beef has partnered with Colorado State University (CSU). As a result of this partnership, CSU will conduct the 280-head demonstration project (including both the 240-head Omega3Beef test group and a 40-head control group). They will then process the cattle, test the meat for omega 3 levels and report on results.

Leading members of the CSU team include Kevin Pond, Head of the Department of Animal Sciences and a specialist in ruminant nutrition, Shawn Archibeque, Associate Professor of Animal Science and a specialist in ruminant nutrition, especially cattle feeds.

Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma_state_primary_logoOklahoma State University performed the original research feeding algae to cattle for Don Smith’s DuckSmith Farm Company. OSU is currently testing alternate cattle feed diets for Omega3Beef.

Clint Krehbiel, Ph.D.

Holding an endowed chair as a Regents professor of Animal Science at Oklahoma State University, Dr. Clint Krehbiel is a world leader in cattle nutrition. Working with Colorado State University, he is developing new feedlot diets that are practical on the Great Plains, and are designed to increase the omega 3 levels in beef.

Dr. Dave Jensen

Dr. Dave Jensen is a Board Certified Sports Chiropractor with clinics throughout the Aspen Valley. He is also a Diplomate in Sport Sciences, creating a deep understanding of nutrition in all of his top-level athletes. Dr. Dave’s treatment philosophies and resources can be seen at and

Bledsoe Cattle Company

Bledsoe Cattle Company of Colorado LogoBledsoe Cattle Company is a multigenerational family-owned ranching, farming, and cattle feeding operation located near Wray, Colorado. The Bledsoes graze and feed high quality Angus based cattle. Their private 5,000 head feedlot produces outstanding fed cattle that have been marketed primarily to Cargill for over twenty five years. The Bledsoes use feed ingredients grown on their own farm to finish these cattle. After the 280-head demonstration at CSU this Spring, Bledsoe Cattle Company will likely become the first commercial feeder to produce Omega3Beef.